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CHEER UP - Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research - Updated Perspectives - Donna Riley, Amy Slaton, Alice Pawley - Shared screen with speaker view
Aditya Johri
Hi All! Welcome to the 10th talk in the series. Please post your introductions here and questions in Q&A.
Joana Marques Melo
Hi all! I'm Joana Marques Melo @ Purdue University
Adrian Nat Gentry
hi everyone! I'm Nat from Purdue
Bill Williams
Hi from Bill Williams, Portugal
Nadia Kellam
Hi Alice, Amy, and Donna! Looking forward to this ;) And I love the asterisks response Alice!
Nicole Ramo
Hello all - I am Nicole Ramo from University of Michigan
Claudia Torres Garibay
Hi, Claudia from Oregon
Tylesha Drayton
Hi, Ty Drayton from The Ohio State University!
Jeff Paul
I wonder how many of us are here (in this field) because we've learned that professors aren't taught how to teach...
Qin Liu
Hello all: I am Qin Liu, from University of Toronto, Canada
Cindy Rottmann
We should revive this practice in K-12 schools—and engineering ed. (Political engagement as an assignment)
Cindy Rottmann
In response to your question Alice (how do we envision the shift in social justice/inclusion since the publication of the chapter). I worry about “progress” as a way of framing movement across time…but there is definitely more to talk about when it comes to a lit review.
Robyn Sandekian
From my perspective, what Amy is saying is similar to having our land acknowledgement statements - which to me are lacking. We stole this land.....so what? What's missing is how we should give back!
Robyn Sandekian
Who the hell are you to give me a seat at the table? It's not your table!
Cindy Rottmann
As for inclusion—95% of my invites to talk use the word “inclusion”—once accepted, I make the switch to equity.
Adam Carberry
Equity as a term has it’s own challenges because many default to a definition relating to finances
Adam Carberry
Elliot Douglas
I have moved to solely using the term anti-racism.
Jeff Paul
I'm sure many of you have seen this graphic that came up in my feed the other day: https://i.redd.it/4v6005upnt051.jpgIt made me think about these words
Corin Bowen
the term anti-racism doesn’t include oppression based on gender identity or expression, attractivity, or class status. Anti-oppression? Liberation/liberative?
Lisa Benson
But even the word decolonization is problematic - it makes a metaphor out of something that is real for Indigenous people. I am concerned about worrying so much about what words are acceptable that we will become paralyzed.
Cindy Rottmann
Here is a helpful resource. Living in Colour: Why ignoring Canada’s anti-Black racism affects Black Canadians today with Dr. Andrea Davis (June 12th, 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSs84XU8UbM
Elliot Douglas
@Corin, you are correct. I am being very deliberate about using anti-racism to refer to race. I would use anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, etc., to refer to those situations. My thinking on this has been informed by https://blackinengineering.org/action-item-list/.
Elliot Douglas
@Corin, and I think of efforts in these areas sort of like Universal Design. If I focus on anti-racism, changes will be of at least some benefit to other groups. Others may focus on anti-sexism, or anti-homophobia, and the results will be of at least some benefit to impact anti-racism.
Cindy Rottmann
This is a really helpful conversation. Thank-you! Running off to another meeting.
Lisa Benson
Thank you, Alice, Amy and Donna - and Aditya!
Aditya Johri