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Balancing Academia and Policy: How Immigration Scholars Work with Immigrant Communities - Shared screen with speaker view
James Witte
Participants interested in obtaining data on foreign-born residents in their local area should visit: https://iir.gmu.edu/idod/immigration-data-on-demand-idod Here you can request a customized data factsheet. Note: we will be on hiatus between semesters, but if it appears interesting, send an email to iir@gmu.edu and we will contact you when we are back in business.
Austin Kocher - TRAC - @ackocher
I see *a lot* of excellent questions and we won’t have time to get to them, I’m sorry to say. If you want follow-up from me personally, feel free to email me at ackocher@syr.edu or share the question on Twitter at @ackocher.
Aeshna Badruzzaman
Thank you!